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Founded in 2016, To the Moon Lab is the new generation blockchain growth consulting for companies/projects that are seeking to increase the market share within the crypto & DeFi space. We have extensively worked with a number of crypto and blockchain projects around the world with available services including PR & Marketing strategies, community building, influencer marketing, branding, Viral Campaigns, Exchange Listing Services, Partnership Executions, AMA/Meetups (offline & online) with focus on the regions with high numbers of crypto adopters.


We bring you a one stop shop service for all your Marketing & Communications needs which may range from anything such as the launch of your crypto projects, platforms, protocols, services, companies, to yourself as a professional figure. We have the expertise to propel the promotion and exposure to the highest reach of your target audience. After years of experience in the Blockchain/DeFi/Crypto industry, To the Moon Lab is well positioned to accompany you at all stages of your project.


Media Relation

Media relations has always been an essential part of Communication. We offer brand visibility, media strategy, planning and execution. We provide all-round exceptional media relations services with local teams but at a global scale. We produce and publish Press releases, Interviews, articles, publications and many more.


Content Creation

We provide copywriting services and content creation for different platforms and communication tools such as whitepaper, website, promotional articles, interviews releases, announcements and many more. Our professional in-house copywriters are from different international background, as such we can provide content and copywriting services in multiple languages.



Some Projects have a supportive operational team but lack strategic feedback and mentorship from industry experts to guide their projects to the next level. We have an extensive list of trustworthy and reputable advisors and consultants to cater to your project needs. Having impressive advisors on board with your projects usually brings trust and credit to your project and brand.


Global Expansion/User Adoption

User Adoption equates having a large number of supporters and users on a global scale, which is the main key factor to turn a crypto project into a success. We understand the patterns of expansion & adoption since we have deployed various tailor-made strategies for projects and executed them in many parts of the world. If you need project supporters, and organic fanbase in local communities worldwide, you should reach out to us.


Banner Ads

The designs of both still & animated banner adverts are conceptualized, tailor-made to align with your project themes and objectives. We will deliver your brand and gain you visibility and exposure on the right platforms/channels. We will work for you after a brief discussion about your goals, and we can then propose the content, design & layout to be utilized to achieve results. We work with you and think for you in terms of communication and marketing strategies whilst you concentrate on your core business.


Crypto PR

Public Relation in Crypto is a skill in itself. Years of relationship building with the media industry gave us this leveraging edge in having both the knowledge & power to make things happen. Our contacts in PR are our close business collaborators. We help cater your projects in putting through the right message, tone of voice and ensure reputation management. In both moments of glory or of crisis, we are here with the appropriate skills & experience to support through our strong relationship we nurtured with the top Crypto Media in all levels and regions.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is very popular these days in the Blockchain/DeFi/Crypto industry. Visibility & Credibility are two key important values we put in the forefront for this type of Marketing tool. We spot the right Influencer / Ambassador, with proven track records, along with the genuine organic community growth throughout the different social media platforms and engage with them to help bring the network effect and exposure that your project deserves. Our Influencers / Ambassadors on channels such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, LinkedIn are genuine business partners, amongst the best resources of the industry.


Project Branding & Design

The world we live in today is packed with all sorts of communications – an excess which is far too much to completely consume, it is, therefore, very important to define communications strategies and to be able to clearly identify what will suit your project best and then execute them in a timely manner. Our team of talented Creative Directors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers are ones of the best in the industry will exclusively craft the right identity & image to represent your project through branding and designs.


Event Management

We deliver quality events ensuring the right synchronization and the best of event protocol. Our Event management services help you to host promotional events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings both online & offline. In the case of offline events, we travel all around the world, from New York, to Dubai to assist companies with managing the logistics of holding an event. This includes marketing the event, finding an appropriate venue, handling event registration, RSVP, Special Guest of Honor invitations, Media Coverages, PR Releases, Branding, Digital Marketing, Sponsorship Outsourcing, designing event layouts and schedule, and crafting high quality content and event agenda.


Listing & Partnership

Listing & Partnerships remains a thermometer to the project success. We have the right network & a large pool of Listings & Partnerships. As Listings can be a delicate process from Tier 1 & Tier 2 exchanges/ launchpads, we have an extensive experience to guide and assist you through all the steps to smoothly and swiftly execute your listing plans. In addition, we have worked in close collaboration with Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, DeFi Pulse, Pancakeswap, Uniswap , DexTools & many more. Whilst finding the right Partnerships is very challenging in the wild west of Crypto, To the Moon Lab, have a wide portfolio to share, connect and get you the perfect fit to amplify your growth.

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We are competitive and reasonable with our pricing without compromising on the quality of what we deliver. We can cater different packages to suit your needs and budgets


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